Marie Lodi
Updated May 22, 2015 @ 2:46 pm

Welcome to Pizza Power, where we celebrate our intense love for all things pizza. From pizza scarves to pepperoni earrings, we’ll be featuring every kind of ‘za-themed accoutrement. Because if you really want to show your love for pizza, you don’t just eat it—you wear it loud and proud.

Guess what I had for dinner tonight…YOU GUESSED RIGHT. Pizza! I love pizza so much, I don’t want it just in my mouth, I want to decorate my nails with it! But I don’t mean getting pizza sauce stuck underneath them, now that’s just nasty. What I have in mind is a cute pizza nail design! If you don’t want to bother with a DIY pizza manicure, do the next best thing and opt for a set of pizza nail wraps!

These “Homeslice” wraps by Tattify are easy to apply. They don’t require a special heat lamp, either. All you need is a nail file, a cuticle stick and your favorite clear polish. The wraps are also non-toxic. In less than ten minutes, you’ll have some snack-glamorous claws. Here’s a simple plan for when you get your wraps: 1. Order a delicious pizza 2. Do your nails while you wait. 3. Eat your pizza with pizza nails!

Oh, what a wild, wild life we live.

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