My sleep schedule is all over the place. On paper it looks like I sleep approximately 15 hours per night. That is not the case. I’m not sure that it’s physically possible for me to sleep 15 hours. It’s more like, I’m in my room by 11pm, but I continue to watch TV or movies, or read, or whatever, for like five more hours. At the moment, I’m waiting for grad school to start, but not having an activity to structure my schedule around isn’t the root of my problem. On a positive note, however, I have accrued a variety of delightful PJs to lounge around in.

Even during semesters where I had a heavy course load, back in the ol’ undergraduate days, even more so during my senior year of college, I’d stay up late doing either homework or watching my shows (Bad Girls Club de-stressed me, okay?). What I’m saying is that I’ve had a messed up sleep schedule forever. High school wasn’t much better, and I didn’t even have access to the internet back in the day like I do now (i.e. laptop).

I’ve shifted my entire sleeping schedule up by like six hours in the space of a month, and now I’m facing the cold hard reality that I’m screwed for the school year. It is not bueno. For a few days I was in successful in getting up earlier and earlier each day, but I quickly reverted back to my old pattern.

Also, I just hate getting up early. You all already know that I am not morning person at all. I even have dark curtains in my room to keep that accursed morning light out of my eyes.

As much as I dislike mornings though, I am aware the World can’t be going to bed at 4am because that is crazy talk.

1. This might just be me, but I feel like people go crazy when it’s dark. If we’re all going to bed at 4am…I don’t know, bad things would be happening.

2. It can’t be healthy to be living in the dark. Vitamin D deficiencies would be rampant. I’m probably forgetting my biochemistry here (who am I kidding? I forgot it all the moment I graduated), but I believe that you need actual sunlight for your body to produce Vitamin D.

3. More awful vampire inspired stories. ( Unless it’s a good story then I’m down, but the lack of sunlight will probably twist people’s brains.)

4. I could justify buying those shutters that block out 100% of sunlight.

5. Seeeeeequiiiiins! A bold new trend inspired by the runways of Paris and the need for visibility.

As much as I would love to be in sequins 24/7, I know there are actually people who like being up during the daylight hours. If you are one of those people, good for you, because that is a much more practical approach to life.

While I manage to adjust my sleeping schedule, it would be awesome if you could give me some ideas for, “Wake Up Drinks.” I don’t like coffee (I know, it’s weird), but I will try anything besides that. Go!

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