Amanda Malamut
January 29, 2017 11:36 am
Mike Pont/Getty Images

Tiny houses have reached a new level of creative. Just take this tiny house made of a dumpster. Jamie and Brad Bigelow wanted a place to sleep at their friend’s ranch in Florence, Arizona. “Our family goes out there a lot so we wanted a little house as a base that we could stay at,” she told Today Home. “We just love going out there and stargazing.” Instead of building a house from scratch, the couple decided to convert a dumpster into a dwelling! According to Today, the 176-square-foot space sleeps two people, and has an indoor wood-burning stove and an outhouse toilet. It also has a gorgeous giant wood deck, and uses a small generator to power the lights.

The couple bought the dumpster for $800, and with the help of a contractor and family they were able to create their dream home.

They said that the hardest parts about converting the dumpster into a livable space was cutting out the openings for doors and windows. Securing the studs, siding, and drywall to the think metal walls was also extremely difficult. But once they were able to do that, everything else fell into place. One of their favorite features of the home is the green windows they found at a salvage yard. The space is also filled with beautiful vintage pieces like the lanterns, bed frame and tables which they got from Brad’s mom’s shop, Old Brick House in Mesa.

If you don’t mind the lack of electricity and having to use an outhouse, this place might be perfect for you. Brad and Jamie Bigelow spent only $13,000 to complete this project, a lot cheaper than a regular home. And they were able to build it exactly where they wanted to be.