You’ve heard of boyfriend pillows and body pillows, but did you know that a full-sized pillow in the form of David Bowie is something that actually exists on this earthly plane (and Etsy)? Close your eyes, breathe deeply and just imagine Netflix and chilling with this soft, comfy pillow that is made in the exact likeness of the Thin White Duke? Amazing, right? For the ultimate Bowie fan, it’s a serious dream. And if you have 400 bones to throw down, it can be all yours to snuggle with every night! Obviously, your comfort is worth MILLIONS. MILLIONS, I TELL YA!

If you’d rather save that $400 for you know, “more important” things, there are other inexpensive ways to get Bowie into your bed. Some options are a tiny version of the same pillow, which goes for a reasonable $15.

There’s also a Ziggy Stardust design in that more classic pillow style for just $45. Either option will have your arms wrapped around Mr. David Bowie in no time.

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(Product shots via Etsy.)