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Updated June 07, 2016 12:42 pm
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18-year-old Lotte Lutjes is such a talented fashion designer that her extraordinary abilities have confused Taylor Swift. Specifically, Lotte recreates Taylor Swift’s looks and does such a great job that Taylor Swift saw a picture of the teen and thought she was looking at herself:

Lotte began her Taylor Swift fashion journey when she attended one of the singer’s Red tour concerts with her friends. They all decided to wear a different costume inspired by Taylor’s tour outfits, but Lotte ran into a problem when she couldn’t find Taylor’s ringleader costume in a store. Rather than give up, the young woman asked her grandmother for help and they created the ensemble together. This then inspired Lotte to take sewing classes.


Since creating her first Taylor Swift costume, Lotte has continued to be inspired by the songstress. She’s used not only Taylor’s tour outfits, but also her music video looks and red carpet gowns as muses for her own unique looks (which she shares on Instagram for us all to admire).

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While Taylor has been Lotte’s muse in the fashion department, that isn’t all she’s done for the teen. Lotte copes with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is a neurological disorder that affects one’s ability to walk and stand upright. Sometimes, she needs to use a wheelchair and loves to decorate it (especially when attending a Taylor Swift show).

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I’ve felt really left out and useless at times, but this honestly felt like a whole new world!” Lotte told Seventeen. “The costumes definitely make me feel more confident. Not because I look like Taylor in them – that’s not my main goal! I just love making them and they make me feel fierce.

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After she graduates from high school this year, Lotte plans to take a gap year and hopes to later study fashion design in college. Maybe one day she’ll even be designing a special look for Taylor Swift herself?