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Thanksgiving is so close we can almost taste it (YUM). And if you’re hosting a Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving celebration this year, you’ve probably thought a lot about the food and less about the decorations (because really, it’s all about the food). But! We have some easy DIY centerpiece ideas for you, and we guarantee that if you make one, they’ll have your guests appreciating your food even more.

We picked out these projects especially for non-Pinterest people, so if you’re starting to feel the tension rising in your shoulders — relax. We’ve got you.

Ready? Away we go!

1. Grateful Pumpkins

This centerpiece is literally just small white pumpkins with messages of gratitude written on kraft paper and tied with twine. You can get the craft supplies at Michael’s, and the pumpkins at the grocery store. Swap out orange pumpkins if white ones aren’t available. Then, arrange them on a wooden board (a cutting board or cheese board will do), or spread them along a table runner and voilà — Thanksgiving wonder.

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2. Candle Magic

White pillar candles are the easiest — and cheapest! — way to fake a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Pick up a boatload of candles in varying sizes, arrange them to your liking in the middle of the table, and you’re done. You could light them for different lengths of time in the days before Thanksgiving if you want this ~romantic~ party look. And oh yeah, that fake greenery is available at the dollar store, too, so go ahead and add some to your display.

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3. Grateful Pumpkin, Take 2

This Thanksgiving centerpiece doubles as a guestbook — and it’s a great conversation starter. And all you need is a big white pumpkin and a Sharpie for each of your guests.

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4. So Corny

See what we did there? Grab a glass hurricane (that’s the name of the candle holder), throw in a chunky white pillar candle, and pour some un-popped corn kernels around it. Extra points for twine tied in a bow.

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5. The Great Outdoors

All you have to do to make this centerpiece is go outside, pick up some leaves, pine cones, and maybe a couple of branches, arrange them “decoratively” in a glass container of sorts — and you’re done.

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6. Make Your Own Cran-dle

Like the corn-y centerpiece we talked about earlier, this one takes only a glass container, water + fresh cranberries from the grocery store, and one floating candle to top it all off.

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We hope you’re inspired!