Rosemary Donahue
June 07, 2016 7:42 am
Disney, Topshop

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m often inspired by people I see on the street, characters in movies or TV shows, and my friends and coworkers. So why not Disney Princesses? While using them as literal style inspo might be a little ~much~ for our everyday lives, we can take cues from them when it comes to color palettes and little details. Here are some looks for the summer inspired by your fave Disney princesses:

Subtly tell everyone about your frozen heart while looking drop dead gorgeous, just like Elsa:

Dress like Ariel with this cute, breezy dress:

Experience a whole new world, while looking like Jasmine:

Be a tie-dye Snow White with this little number:

Be the Belle of the ball, but like, in a casual way:

Let down your hair like Rapunzel in this pretty purple maxi:

Feel luxurious in this beautiful, Tiana-inspired dress: