Coco Chanel was always pretty vocal when it came to her thoughts on accessorizing. She once described accessories as the “exclamation point” of a woman’s outfit. Of course, there’s also her famous piece of advice about always taking one accessory off before you leave the house. Clearly she was NOT a fan of Office Space-type flair.

If you aren’t a fan of over-accessorizing either, but have been wanting to embellish your collared shirts with a new piece of decor, perhaps all you need is something cute and dainty — a tiny punctuation mark, if you will. This tiny enamel pin by artist Sara Lyons will do the trick.

It’s in the shape of a pair of faux eyelashes. How much cuter can you get? This little addition will ad that special spark to your outfit without overpowering it. I feel like Coco would be so proud.

(Product shot via Sara Lyons.)