Sophia Bush
Credit: Getty Images/ Maarten de Boer

When it comes to clothes, the bigger, the cozier, the better. So we’re super, super grateful to the always ever-so-stylish Sophia Bush for bringing back the oversized blazer, aka our favorite trend for everything from the office to brunch to bae’s parents’ house. We’re loving everything from the cut to the color, and the pink-washed Insta post is getting us all in our pink-loving feels!

The oversized blazer is back in action, fashion-lovers!

Like, hello, #stylegoals! She looks so incredible. We just love this super relaxed, but super chic, look.

Here’s how to get her look!

1. This one just like Sophia’s, so of course we’re obsessed with it.

Credit: Nordstrom/Topshop

Ugh, that color! Need this one ASAP.

Get it for $110.

2. This boyfriend blazer looks so comfy and so cool.

Credit: Forever 21

MAJOR heart eyes.

Get it for $22.

3. This boyfriend blazer is such a perfectly subtle statement, we can’t get enough.

Credit: Nordstrom/Topshop

Totally wearable.

Get it for $75.

4. This longer cut is everything.

Credit: Madewell

Rock it at work and then rock it with bae.

Get it for $168.

These are just a few of the totally spectacular options for getting Sophia-like fashionista status from simply throwing on a blazer.