Marie Lodi
Updated Jun 20, 2016 @ 5:55 pm
slip dress collage
Credit: ASOS / Debshops / ASOS

If you’ve been thinking about embracing the underwear as outerwear trend but aren’t quite ready to rock a bustier with a skirt, there’s another ‘90s-inspired intimates trend that might be more your speed — slip dresses! Jennifer Lawrence beautifully rocked the look, as did Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and Ashley Benson, just this week. It’s pretty clear — slip dresses are the ideal summer outfit!

Not only are they perfect for hot weather, they look good with practically any type of jacket or shoe. Pair a slip with strappy heels, platforms, or go TOTALLY VINTAGE and wear it with boots like Drew Barrymore did back then.

Ready to look like the ultimate ‘90s glamour queen? Here are 15 slip dresses that will look amazing no matter where you decide to wear them.

1. Free People Eyelashes Slip, $68

Credit: Zappos

Available at Zappos.

2. New Look Plus Cami Slip Dress, $33

Credit: ASOS

Available at ASOS.

3. Mountain Lookout Pink Print Slip Dress, $49

Credit: Lulu's

Available at Lulu’s.

4. Vila Cami Slip Dress, $57

Credit: ASOS

Available at ASOS.

5. Silver Midi Slip Dress, $29.99

Credit: Express

Available at Express.

6. Plus Size Stretch Knit Slip $7.90

Credit: Forever 21

Available at Forever 21.

7. Cold Shoulder Slip Dress, $41

Credit: ASOS

Available at ASOS.

8. Contemporary Lace Midi Dress, $24.90

Credit: Forever 21

Available at Forever 21.

9. Plus Size Olive Suede Slit Maxi Slip Dress, $15.36

Credit: Debshops

Available at Debshops.

10. White Tee + Black Slip Dress, $59.90

Credit: Express

Available at Express.

11. Topshop Crisscross Strap Slipdress, $55

Credit: Nordstrom

Available at Nordstrom.

12. Satin Maxi Slip Dress with Lace Back, $23

Credit: ASOS

Available at ASOS.

13. Foxy Silk Slip, $78

Credit: Free People

Available at Free People.

14. Satin Cami Midi Dress with Contrast Lace, $73

Credit: ASOS

Available at ASOS.

15. Welcome to the Jungle Slip, $68

Credit: Betsey Johnson

Available at Betsey Johnson.