Gina Florio
Updated April 07, 2016

Feast your eyes on the newest piece of clothing the Internet is going wild over. This time, though, there is no debate over what color it is. It’s all about this skirt that looks like it has a huge period stain on it.

The skirt is from JC Penney, and it was recently featured in their photo catalogue. It’s called the Worthington Side Slit Pencil Skirt. And hey, if you like it, you can still get your hands on it! It’s on sale for $23.99.

To put it nicely, the print is just a lil’ misplaced. Depending on how you look at it, it looks more like the wearer spent the afternoon around some clumsy kindergarten kids who were doing arts and crafts. Or like they just spilled some Merlot on themselves at happy hour. Okay fine, maybe we’re just being too nice and it really does look a period stain.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at HG we embrace our periods, and are in no way ashamed of them. We’re also on board with a woman’s personal decision to free bleed —it’s our choice, after all.