Marie Lodi
Updated Jun 24, 2016 @ 5:37 pm
Credit: Sourpuss Clothing / Modcloth / Shop B.A.D.

If you’re one of the many peeps who celebrate Shark Week as if it were a Superbowl for Selachimorpha (the scientific name for shark, but we’re sure you already knew that), you’ve probably got at least one shark-themed item already in your closet. The good news (and bad news for your wallet) is that we found SO many more cool wears to add to your wardrobe.

From a shark bite bikini to iridescent shark tooth earrings, check out 13 incredibly cool shark-inspired pieces. But be warned, it will be hard to resist TAKING A BITE out of this list!

Credit: Unique Vintage

Folter Retro Blue & White Sharks Flare Dress, Unique Vintage, $68

Credit: Sourpuss Clothing

Shark Skater Dress, Sourpuss Clothing, $44

Credit: Modcloth

In Tune with the Tides Swimsuit Top in Sharks, ModCloth, $21.99

Credit: Sourpuss Clothing

Shark Cardigan, Sourpuss Clothing, $48

Credit: Modcloth

Fashion Frenzy Skirt, ModCloth, $59.99

Credit: Modcloth

Fresh Take Leggings in Sharks, Modcloth, $24.99

Credit: Shop B.A.D.

The Original Sharkini, Shop B.A.D., $120

Credit: Unique Vintage

Black Shark Jaws Knit In Fringe Scarf, Unique Vintage, $28

Credit: Dillard's

Betsey Johnson Shark Cosmetic Bag, Dillard’s, $58

Credit: Modcloth

Great Bite Shark Earrings, Modcloth, $12.99

Credit: Modcloth

I’m Jaws Sayin’ Necklace, Modcloth, $19.99

Credit: Nordstrom

Stella McCartney ‘Shark’ iPhone 6 & 6s Case, Nordstrom, $75

And finally….

Credit: Etsy

Holographic Great White Shark Fin Hoodie Skater Dress, Etsy, $99.99