Sarah Hatheway
February 24, 2014 8:00 am

It definitely doesn’t feel anywhere close to warm outside, but I’m still getting that spring cleaning itch. I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing my apartment and looking for little ways to update my décor. I’ll confess that I have a weakness for decorative pillows – I even have one shaped like a blueberry pie! – so I decided to make one of my own. My favorite part about this little pillow? It’s reversible, so you can display a cheerful sun and clouds or a moon and sparkly clouds as you choose!


  • Navy blue fabric
  • Sky blue fabric
  • Yellow fabric
  • Gray fabric
  • White fabric
  • Sky blue thread
  • Yellow thread
  • Gray thread
  • White thread
  • Star-shaped sequins
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Basic sewing needle
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Optional: sewing machine

Craft away:

1. Cut two 11-inch by 11-inch squares, one out of the navy blue fabric, one out of the sky blue fabric.

2. Trace two 3 1/4-inch circles, one onto the yellow fabric, one onto the gray fabric. Cut the yellow circle out. Add an extra line to turn the gray circle into a crescent, then cut the crescent out as well.

3. Cut 2-inch long rectangular rays for the sun out of the yellow fabric. You can add as many rays as you’d like to your sun.

4. Cut two fluffy clouds out of the white fabric, one 4-inches long, one 2 1/2-inches long.

5. Pin the pattern pieces to each side of the pillow. To do so, put the yellow sun shape in the upper left-hand corner of the sky blue piece, pin it in place, and fan out the rays around it (trim the rays down so that the yellow fabric ends at the edge of the sky blue fabric). Pin the two clouds next to the sun, with the smaller cloud on top.

6. Pin the gray moon piece to the lower right-hand corner of the navy blue piece.

7. Stitch each piece into place using the corresponding color of thread to the fabric (gray for the moon, yellow for the sun, white for the clouds). Use a looping motion, and keep your stitches close together to give a more uniform look. This can take a while, so I highly recommend putting on some good TV while you work!

8. After you’ve finished stitching on all of your pieces, add some stars to the “night” side of the fabric. To do this, stitch star sequins onto the navy blue fabric with the gray thread, using looping stitches that come out of the center hole of each sequin. You can arrange the stars however you’d like—just make sure you don’t place them too close to the edge of the fabric.

9. Fold the bottom edge of each piece in 1/2 inch, towards the back of the fabric, and iron the fold to set it in place.

10. Place the two pieces together with right sides touching, and pin around the edges. Leave the folded edges unpinned.

11. Sew the two sides of the pillows together using the sky blue thread, leaving the unpinned, folded side open. Keep your stitches 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. If you’re using a sewing machine: use a basic straight stitch. If you’re using a needle and thread: stitch using a simple in-and-out motion, and remember to knot your work.

12. Turn the pillow right-side out, and iron it to set its shape (be careful not to melt your sequins!). You should now have a little pocket. Fill your pillow with the stuffing. Pin the un-sewn edges of the pillow together.

13. Sew the pinned side shut with the needle and the sky blue thread, using a simple in-and-out motion. Once you’ve reached the end of the pillow, sew back between the stitches to create a solid line.

14. You’re finished! Display your pillow “night” or “day” side out, as you fancy.