Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 07, 2015 @ 11:32 am

Whether you’re shopping for back to school, or just looking to re-decorate your apartment, know what you probably need? A Sesame Street rug. Not just some rug with a giant picture of Big Bird on it, but an actual Big Bird rug, feathers and everything.

I promise no Sesame Street characters were harmed in the making of these rugs, it’s only Photoshop. But man, do we love ’em.

Artist Barak Hardley, who runs the website 50 Year Plan, was messing around in Photoshop when the idea struck him to take the fur and the fuzz of the Sesame Street characters and turn them into rugs. Now we no longer want to just share a cookie with Cookie Monster, we want to lay down on top of our Cookie Monster rug and nosh cookies next to a roaring fire.

Hardley also made a Big Bird (with feathers, of course). As well as Oscar the Grouch (out of the can) and Telly Monster, too.

These look so soft and so comfortable, and are probably the next best thing to an actual Muppet hug. And while you can’t buy these rugs IRL to put under your dining room table, you could always make them your computer background. That’s like a decorative rug for your screen, which is weirdly cozy too. Hey, maybe we can convince Barak to make these IRL? We’d order them from every room of our house.

[Images printed with permission from Barak Hardley]