Bethany Biron
July 23, 2016 1:17 pm

We’ve all been there — you log into Facebook on Sunday morning and are subject to a barrage of engagement photos. Of course you’re happy for your friends (er, perhaps acquaintances or the random dude you met at that one work conference) but for all the single ladies out there, you can’t help but feel a tinge of #foreveralone.


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That’s why we love this new “anti-engagement ring” from the founders of Fred and Far, a pinky ring dedicated to self-love and care. According to Teen Vogue, the ring goes for $150 and you can choose between 14k yellow, white or rose gold, with a stone made out of conflict-free white sapphire.

Melody Godfred, co-founder of Fred and Far told Teen Vogue that she was inspired by the need to do a little something more to inspire women to truly love themselves regardless of their relationship status because “self love is fuel.”

“The ring was born from personal necessity, and from recognizing a need,” Godfred said. “We realized that for women, self-sacrifice is a trend, and ‘self-care’ at times is treated like a dirty word. I created the first ring for myself, and then together we launched this concept to create a community of women committed to self-love.”

In the interview, the founders share their favorite self-care tips, which includes first and foremost making sure to schedule the time to take care of themselves to do things like exercise and spend time with friends, as well as indulge in the a weekly blowout.

“Self-care means being in touch with my body and my heart,” fellow co-founder Samira Far said. “I spend time with myself every morning — you can call it a meditation of sorts — and check in with my body. I ask how I am feeling. I allow myself to move, maybe dance, maybe punch the air, maybe cry.”

Time to face it, you deserve a little TLC for yourself. Can’t wait until my pinky is adorned with this testament to self love!