Marisa Lynch
Updated Jul 03, 2014 @ 12:31 pm
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So last time we made a pair of cufflinks for Dad from House of Cards and today we’re cleaning house on Devious Maids! I’m not gonna lie. . . I don’t watch this show. I’m not going to lie, again. . . I love me some Lifetime movies (and Devious Maids just happens to be on Lifetime too). Anyway, I saw a screenshot of Ana Ortiz from Devious Maids in this super fab Sandro blouse that had a sequined pocket on it and I knew this TV wardrobe piece could be remade in a jif.

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need for the shirt:

1. Blouse — I couldn’t find an olive green one to match, so I went with an LC Lauren Conrad blouse from Kohl’s and dyed it! Feel free to keep it white, or go with any other shade that you’re into!

2. Fabric dye — Optional, but I used a mix of iDye Poly’s green and blue to create my shade. The shirt was polyester so I went with a polyester-specific dye.

3. Sequined fabric — Just a square will do for a pocket! You can grab this at your local craft store or online at

I started off the project by dyeing the blouse — this step may or may not be necessary if you’ve got the right color for your piece! I created a dye bath with hot water, added the dye packets and let them dissolve, the added the blouse, and let it soak.

When the shirt has become the color of your choosing, remove it from the dye bath, and rinse it in cold water until the dye has run clear. Toss the top into the dryer to dry it out.

Next, trim a patch of sequined material in a square-ish shape to create your pocket.

Once you have your material trimmed, add it to the shirt! I hand stitched the edges down to the top, however use fabric glue if it’s easier.

After those two major steps, I had my own version of the Sandro top completed.

My top turned out more of an emerald shade and I’m obsessed with that color!

This is just an easy and chic way to update a top in your collection. A little bit of flair to chic it up!

Thanks for the inspiration, Ana!