Danielle Sepulveres
Updated July 20, 2015 5:04 am
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In elementary school, one morning my mom didn’t get out of bed. One of her migraines had taken hold in the middle of the night and not only was she calling out sick from work, but she also had to tap out of the job of getting me ready for school. This left me with no other choice.

“Daaaaaaad!” I shouted down the hallway. “You have to do my hair!”

He appeared in the doorway of the bathroom looking faintly terrified while I handed him a hairbrush and scrunchie.

“Ummm OK let’s see,” he muttered. He tried several times to pull my hair into a ponytail interspersed with me reprimanding him for not making it smooth enough. Finally he put the brush down and said, “I have an idea!” He ran down the hallway and returned triumphantly with one of his Mets baseball caps. He adjusted the back to make the hat smaller as he placed it on my head.

“Perfect!” He declared.

“Um dad? We’re not allowed to wear hats in school,”


I went to school that day with a pretty messy mane. My dad wasn’t adept with hairspray either and my new “look” was remarked upon somewhat disparagingly by my classmates and even my teacher. If only a place like Envogue Salon had existed back then in my hometown!

Envogue Salon is located in Denver, Colorado, and has begun to offer a workshop for dads to learn how to do their daughters’ hair. The event is called “Beer and Braids” and is such a rad way to offer a bonding father-daughter evening while teaching dads some useful skills!

The salon charges $55 for one-on-one lessons for up to six fathers on how to do braids, buns, and ponytails. At the end of the workshop, a mini runway show is held and the father deemed most accomplished by the hairstylists wins a six-pack of beer as a prize.

Calli Hueble-Bodilis is the owner of the salon and her husband and co-owner came up with the concept after a male business partner was late to a meeting because he didn’t know how to do his daughters’ hair to get them ready for school. Our hearts are bursting over these adorable dads admitting that they don’t know how to help their little girls and that they want to learn how.

In my situation as a kid, I was lucky enough that my mom was back to her healthy self the following day and ready to assist with the smooth ponytail I preferred to sport. But this kind of dad-geared workshop is A+. I can guarantee that a dad who can successfully pull off a great braid will be quite the hero in his daughter’s eyes.

Envogue Salon plans to offer more workshops in the coming months as well as launching a mother-daughter version, because there are moms just as lost as the dads when it comes to stylish hairdos.

If you’re in the Denver area, check out Envogue.

And if you’re not in Denver, mention “Beer and Braids” to your local salon and see if we can start a national movement.

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