Anna Gragert
August 10, 2016 3:37 pm
Tiffany & Co. / netawolpe / netawolpe
Tiffany & Co. / netawolpe / netawolpe

Right now, it seems as though everyone we know is obsessed with all things rose gold – and for a good reason. “When we get to the rose family, we get these same kinds of verbiage: Compassion, composure, warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal,” Pantone color expert Leatrice Eiseman told Wired. With this description in mind, we put on our rose gold-colored glasses and sought out some engagement rings that are perfectly on par with this trend…

1. 14k Rose Gold Antique Engagement Ring with Claw Set Diamonds

EdwardsandDavies /

Buy here for $547.19

2. 18k Rose Gold Soleste Ring

Tiffany & Co. /

Buy here for $4,800

3. 14K Solid Rose Gold Champagne Diamond Ring

VividGemsOnEtsy /

Buy here for $889.00

4. 14k Rose Gold Ring with a Natural Diamond Setting

Gispandesigns /

Buy here for $680.00

5. Rose Gold Victorian Pearl Engagement Ring

netawolpe /

Buy here for $299.00+

6. 14k Rose Gold Dusk Diamond Ring

Brilliant Earth /

Buy here for $3,450

7. 18k Rose Gold Heart Ring

Tiffany & Co. /

Buy here for $1,600

8. Classical Morganite Engagement Ring

RobMdesign /

Buy here for $706.00

9. Rose Gold Turquoise Engagement Ring

netawolpe /

Buy here for $478.00

10. Platinum and 18k Rose Gold with Round Brilliant Diamonds

Tiffany & Co. /

Buy here for $2,850

11. 14k Rose Gold Luna Ring

Brilliant Earth /

Buy here for $890+