Kate Allen
June 29, 2014 12:05 pm

Right now, Queen Elizabeth is totally in fashion. Everywhere you look, there’s another beauty trend inspired by 16th century European royalty. Check out any runway, print magazine or fashion blog and you’ll see it: blunt hair, dark lips, powdered faces and elaborate, embellished dresses. And the latest trend? No brows.

I think we all thought Miley Cyrus was a little cray-cray for rocking the look last November, but maybe she was just ahead of her time. This week, Katy Perry shared a super cool photo of her “no brows” day on Instagram. Even Kendall Jenner has worn the look (very stunningly, I might add) with straight hair and a bold, dark lip for Givenchy. But even though the most well known couture brands are on board and our fave celebs are eating it up. . . can we actually rock this trend in the real world?

Back in the 1500’s, Queen Elizabeth—a true trendsetter—was the first to pluck out her brows. She did this because at the time, the forehead was seen as a beautiful feature on a woman that should be enhanced. And no brows equals more forehead!

As time progressed, we went back and forth between skinny and more natural brows, settling into bold brows more recently. The bold brow shapes the face and accentuates feminine features whereas the no-brow look creates a more defined, strong, angular look. On the runway, a strong look with defined bone structure photographs perfectly. But for an average night out, is it too much?

In beauty, everything goes back to proportions, so that’s where I naturally go as a hairdresser. If you’re not going to do this look for fashion, then it has to be about how it looks on you. If you have a smaller forehead or round features you’d like to define, a more low-key version of this would be great. But if you already have strong features or just like the way a bold brow frames your face, I would stick with what works!

To get the details on how to take this look from catwalk to city sidewalk, I spoke with the fabulous Seattle-based makeup artist, Amanda Stone. “In my opinion, the no brow is edgy and very cool for editorial and runway, but not really wearable in real life,” she says. When it comes to recommendations for her clients, Stone usually sticks with a “sculpted, thick brow because they always look so youthful.”

For our fearless fashionista’s, to make it a less drastic, wearable look, Stone recommends lightening your brows “by about 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color and then applying a matte foundation powder over top.” In this case, you get the dramatic effect without the commitment. With this lightening effect, your bone structure is more defined, but your brows are still visible and face-framing.

So now we’ve just gotta know. . . would you try this trend out?

Images via Instagram, AlmostZara ScribbleDigit, shutterstock & Handbag.