We love DIY crafts so much — especially around the holidays. When the seasons change, crafts are the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. Wreaths crafts are at the top of our list because they’re so welcoming, and the first thing people notice when they come to your home.

This glitzy reversible wreath is a game-changer when it comes to holiday decor. You can go from fall to winter without even taking it down! Which also makes it perfect for small space storage because it’s two seasons in one. Bring on the glitter when you flip to the festive season! And wow all your house guests in the process.

Glitzy Reversible Wreath


Adhesive-back felt
Adhesive-back glitter craft foam
Rustic/natural floral wire
Jewelry wire (20-24 gauge)
Wire cutters
Glue (optional)


1. Coil and wrap around the floral wire into a hoop that is 2-3 wire circles thick.
2. Decide on a leaf shape and cut several leaves out of the felts, craft foam and burlap.
3. Cut the jewelry wire into 3-4 inch pieces.
4. Remove adhesive backing and sandwich a piece of jewelry wire between the felt/foam leaf you pulled the backing from and a regular felt/burlap leaf.
5. Attach the leaves to the hoop by wrapping the jewelry wire around the floral wire.

*The color scheme in the video uses green and gold on both sides and flips between yellow/brown and red/maroon, but any colors will do!