Kenya Foy
September 25, 2017 2:18 pm

The moment you start to live on your own, your perspective shifts from being overly concerned about roommates and parents to struggling to find the effs to give about anyone’s priorities but your own. It’s not selfish, or at least it doesn’t have to be. We prefer to think of it as “fully embracing your independence.”

There’s a reason why we say that living alone can feel like an actual paradise. It primarily has to do with the fact that you’re the only person affected by all that weird stuff you do alone but would never admit to. (No worries, we won’t ask.) Basically, living solo allows you to do whatever the hell you want within the confines of the law (and your rental agreement, obviously).

Because no living arrangement is perfect, being the only person in your place can feel incredibly lonely or boring at times, or even scary. But the good thing: You get to make the rules on what makes for a comfortable living experience.

Now don’t go throwing responsibility out of the window for a life of utter recklessness and chaos, BUT do understand there’s some stuff you definitely don’t need to stress over if you live alone.

1Routine chores.

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One of the most freeing feelings associated with living alone is giving yourself permission to be a slob. You don’t want things to get too out of hand, but take it easy on yourself if your home decor is less than spotless. It’s fine to rock more of a “pardon-my-mess-a-literal-storm blew-through-my-living-room” look.

Part of being a responsible adult is keeping things organized, but if you live alone, cut yourself and the mess you’re surrounded by some major slack. You’re the only one who has to see it, and eventually (hopefully), you’ll get back to being the cleaner version of yourself.

2Coming home at a decent hour.

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Psh…define “decent” hour. As the queen of your castle, you have absolutely no obligation to keep a curfew. It’s totally your business if you want to hang out late on a weeknight, even if you do have to pay for it (and you will) when it’s time to wake up for work in the morning.

There’s no concern about worrying your parents or interrupting your roommate’s sleep, so come and go as you please.  As long as you don’t disturb your neighbors, it’s all good.

3Always having something clean to wear.

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So, about that big pile of laundry that’s taking up too much space (and fresh air) in your apartment. Collecting dirty clothes like they’re going out of style just comes with the territory of being the one and only occupant in your place.

We’re not saying that living alone is synonymous with being gross all the time, but there will come a moment when you go to get dressed and realize everything you own is in a smelly heap waiting for you to do the responsible thing and wash it already. It happens.

4Dressing for success.

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Everyone loves to assure you that you should dress for the life you want, assuming it’s not the one you have already. However, living solo means you don’t have to get dressed at all if you don’t want to. Literally, what your clothes say about you (or the lack of) is that you’re fully aware that being naked is good for you and can actually do wonders for you by boosting your body confidence.

5Grocery shopping when you really need to.

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Your mom might judge you for going weeks at a time with a fridge that only contains a half-empty milk carton, three eggs, and an orange, but we won’t. Every adult knows how much of a pain grocery shopping can be, so if you’re a solo dweller who is currently surviving off takeout and leftovers from the office brunch, we absolutely support your “irresponsible” grocery shopping habits.

6Spending a lot of time doing nothing.

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Listen, interacting with people on a regular basis can take a lot out of you, even if you’re in good company. But going home to an empty place means you can take as much time as you need to unwind and decompress in peace.

Your method might be a bit unconventional and others might view your tendency to loaf around as a colossal waste of time, but it’s your time. The beautiful thing is you get to decide how you spend it  — irresponsibly or otherwise.