If you’ve been uninspired with your closet lately, and don’t have the time or energy to give your wardrobe a makeover, the next best way to spice up your outfits is to turn to your accessories, particularly your handbags. A new purse can make a huge difference in terms of your style vibes, especially if the bag is something eye-catching and unique.

Music lovers will appreciate this vinyl record handbag. It’s hand-crafted from two vintage records, which means no two purses are alike. You’ll be totally original! While some novelty purses don’t allow enough room to carry everything you need, this one is big enough to fit your everyday items. It will also look cute with ANYTHING you wear. Jeans and a sweater, your favorite little black dress — all of your signature outfits will suddenly feel new again when you accessorize with this little guy. Plus, you’ll feel even better about using a carryall that is made from 95% recycled materials! There are plenty of other designs too, such as this cute clutch and this one that comes with a shoulder strap!

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Product shots via Etsy.