blake lively
Credit: Gisela Schober / Getty, Mark Mawson / Getty

We’re in the midst of the Cannes Film Festival, which of course means a plethora of glamorous outfits from the red carpet. Yes, everyone looks beautiful, but some of the glitzy garb also made us think of other things…we just can’t help it!

1. Blake Lively and this betta fish.

2. Shia LaBeouf and ’80s icon Max Headroom.

3. Cheryl Cole and this adult coloring book.

4. Kristen Stewart and “Nimbly” that bird-like character from The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter.

5. English socialite Lady Victoria Hervey and this stained glass window.

6. Kendall Jenner and the forest of thorns from Sleeping Beauty.

7. Kirsten Dunst and this spoon display case you’d probably find at your Aunt Mary’s house.

8. Model Cindy Bruna and Ariel’s sister Aquata.

9. Chris Pine and one of Don Draper’s chairs from Mad Men.

10. Russian celebrity Elena Lenskaya and a troll doll.

11. Kate Moss and Superman (well, specifically his cape).

12. Mischa Barton and the (old) Bad Robot logo.

13. Marion Cotillard and her own Oscar statuette.

14. Vanessa Paradis and this “pretty polkadots” bag of confetti.

15. And finally, Kim Kardashian and Bilbo/Frodo’s Mithril shirt from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings.