Anna Gragert
April 27, 2016 11:15 am
Grav3yardgirl, Instagram / Ebay
Grav3yardgirl, Instagram / Ebay

Remember the rainbow highlighter that captured the heart of the internet with its multicolored prowess? Then again, how could you forget? This $22 colorful creation had delighted so many with its kaleidoscopic power that it soon sold out. Now, it’s being auctioned off on Ebay for $1,225 (plus shipping!).

One lucky person who purchased the highlighter (called Prism) before it sold out is now attempting to make it rain(bow). On April 24th, the “Bitterlace Prism Highlighter Rainbow Color Pan Handmade” was listed at $0.99 and, since then, it’s garnered a whooping 27 bids from people who want to look as though they’ve been licked by a friendly unicorn.

What’s perhaps most surprising is that people would rather pay 56 times what they normally would instead of waiting for Bitter Lace Beauty to restock their supply. On April 21st, Jenna (the store owner) wrote,“We are going to have a limited amount ready for release on Friday April 29th at 12 pm noon EST. Remember if it sells out we will keep restocking, just keep in mind they are handmade. I hope this will satisfy your souls for now. [T]hank you for all the love and comments.” (Impatience is definitely alive and well on Ebay.)

Now that the highlighter has reached insane, price-based proportions on Ebay, we have a question: Does this mean that Bitter Lace Beauty is going to raise their price? Because there is a huge difference between $22 and $1,225 (a difference of $1,203, to be exact).

Either way – price aside – we’re still in love with this highlighter and would be more than happy to use a product that looks like Lucky Charms in a palette.