Emily Baines
May 08, 2016 7:30 am

We’ve seen rainbow food and rainbow hair… well, now there are rainbow brows, and, while they sound a little out there at first, in reality they can be unbelievably gorgeous. Below are some of our favorite examples of the gorgeous trend.

 We’re not sure what we want more: the kitten or these awesome brows!

Both makeup and brows are totally on point in this photo

Rainbow hair + rainbow brows = magic

 These more aqua-rainbow shades have us feeling major mermaid vibes

We love how this Instagram user matched her brows to her beautiful braids!

Platinum blonde hair really makes these rainbow brows pop!

Why stop at rainbow brows when you can have rainbow contouring as well?

We are enchanted by this entire look

This glitter game is totally fabulous!

Rainbow brows forever!