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It looks like rainbow hair is here for the long haul. Whether it’s glow-in-the-dark, galaxy inspired, or opalescent, all forms of the vibrant hair are seemingly here to stay. And if you love it but still aren’t quite sure about going all-in on the trend, let us introduce you to rainbow bangs.

Teen Vogue recently noticed that British model Amber Le Bon took to Instagram to unveil her new bangs. A new haircut is always fun, but her bangs had a fun twist — they were interwoven with shades of pink and rose gold, much like a dreamy sunset pink rainbow.

It’s a really ingenious way to experiment with color. One of the biggest perks is the minimal damage from bleach, since you’re only working with a small part of the hair.

Bangs also grow out fairly quickly, so odds are you could be working with virgin hair, which is every colorist’s dream. Brunettes, rejoice, because this trend doesn’t leave you cursing your dark strands.

It works whether you have short bangs, long bangs, blunt bangs, sideswept bangs, or wispy bangs. You can go halfsies or dye your full bangs. If you have longer bangs, you can feather the colored streaks into the rest of your hair for a more subtle effect.

You can also just put one panel of color at the base of your bangs, similar to the underlights trend.

If you choose not to keep up the color, you can dye them back to your preferred shade or simply snip away the remnants. You can easily maintain this yourself as well, so it’s a pretty cost-effective way to go rainbow.

(Images via Instagram)