Here's how to make a DIY pumpkin centerpiece (out of yarn!)

Halloween has come and gone, but fall is far from over. Now I’m dreaming about holiday feasts, complete with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie—and adorably decorated tables, of course!

This week’s DIY helps you get a head start on your Thanksgiving centerpiece. It’s a sweet little pumpkin, wrapped in soft yarn to give it some extra cozy charm. I used a faux pumpkin for mine for the ease factor, but you could craft yours out of any round container. Just don’t forget the stem!


  • Small fake pumpkin
  • Chunky orange yarn
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue (and plenty of it!)

Craft away:

Turn the pumpkin over. Dab some glue onto the center of the base of the pumpkin, and stick the end of the yarn to it. Begin gluing the yarn against the pumpkin, moving in a spiral pattern.

Continue winding until you have reached the top of the pumpkin, gluing as you go. Don’t worry if there’s some space between the pieces of yarn—that’ll add some interesting texture!

Stop when you’ve reached the stem, and leave it uncovered. Let the glue dry completely.

All done! Display your cute, crafty pumpkin all autumn long.

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