Prize ribbons for friends so awesome they deserve an award

Prize ribbons shouldn’t only be given out at science fairs and beauty pageants. More than likely there’s a winner or two in your life that deserves some sort of medal. These colorful rosette prize ribbons from Scout and Whistle would make the perfect presents for your awesome friend crew. And they will be so surprised! When was the last time they received an award like this?

There’s different ones to choose from, such as the “You Are My Favorite Ribbon,” one that says “You Are So Rad” and a “Nap Champ” ribbon for an expert napper! (But maybe that one should actually be for you since you’re known to wear the crown for prime snoozin’.) There’s also a cute “Be Mine” one that you can give to your object of affection. Rosettes are made in the United States with biodegradable ribbon so you can be eco-friendly while your pals graciously accept their awards. You like me, you REALLY like me!

You Are My Favorite prize ribbon, $8

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Product shots via Scout and Whistle Etsy.

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