Every state has its own flag, state motto, and official flower — and now they all have their own (unofficial) nail polish shade. Allure partnered with Polyvore to figure out the most popular shade in each state, based on search histories. The results were interesting and definitely entertaining as we tried to figure out why each color was assigned to its particular state.

Generally, neutral shades were the most searched — seems like everyone in America loves a low-maintenance mani. Gold is the overall winner, being the most searched for color in 8 states. That doesn’t count the 3 states that mostly searched for rose gold, which is still in the same shade family and could technically be counted as gold. Coming in second was gray, which 5 states searched for the most, followed by pearl in 4 different states.

Some pairings made perfect sense, like hot pink and Hawaii — no color shows off a tan better. Some were weirdly specific (Ohio takes award for matte black), and some were just surprising, such as Missouri’s neon blue or Nevada’s white. The home state of Vegas definitely seems better suited with some gold glitter. Keep in mind, these results are based on search results and not what’s being requested in salons or bought in stores, which is probably why Nevada’s results came up as the color white.

California and New York had the same results: they were two of the states (along with Kansas) searching for rose gold, which makes an interesting case against location-based style.

Four states actually ditched color altogether, as clear nail polish was the #1 most searched for shade in Maine, Nebraska, Vermont, and Wyoming. You can visit Allure to see what your state’s signature shade is.
(Image via Shutterstock)