There’s something about miniature objects that make me squee with delight. And if it’s something that comes from nature—like tiny cacti and tiny succulents—I might just cry from adorableness overload! Needless to say, these Mini Plant necklaces are not just unique, but might the cutest piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen!

I swear, your eyes do not deceive you! This is an actual LIVING PLANT hanging out in a tiny terrarium. Choose from a variety of mini cacti and succulents, and then choose what necklace chain you prefer. The plants can live two to six months before outgrowing their terrarium capsule.

The way you water them is through small holes on the underside of the capsule. When you place the capsule in a dish filled with shallow water, that allows water to be absorbed by the plant.
Mini Plant Necklace, $8.49