Marie Lodi
May 14, 2015 12:03 pm

Welcome to Pizza Power, a new section here at Hello Giggles, that celebrates our intense love for all things pizza. From pizza scarves to pepperoni earrings, we’ll be featuring every kind of ‘za-themed accoutrement. Because if you really want to show your love for pizza, you don’t just eat it—you wear it loud and proud. 

Full disclosure: I have a ton of pizza-themed items in my possession. My kitchen wall boasts several decorated pieces in honor of the ‘za, including a very rare pizza box (framed in glass.) The first time I saw this pizza die-cut I gasped. I’ve seen a lot of (pizza) things in my day, but this was a real beauty. Then, my stomach immediately growled as if I hadn’t eaten in a days and this was the first edible thing I had laid my eyes on. IT LOOKED JUST TOO REAL.

Everyday is a Holiday makes their wooden die cuts to order, just like an actual artisan pizzamaker. The design, which is a high-quality print of their original painting mounted to a handcut, 1/2-inch thick board, comes in two different kinds of flavors: pepperoni or plain cheese. They also say to specify if you want it made with vegan cheese or vegan pepperoni. Wink, wink. ADORABLE. Even cuter? Each slice comes wrapped in its own classic pizza box.

If you want your entire kitchen covered in realistic food decor, they make all kinds of other treats: cakes, cotton candy, donuts…(‘scuse me, my mouth is starting to water again.)

Pizza Slice Wooden Die Cut, $42

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