Marie Lodi
Updated Apr 16, 2015 @ 11:57 am

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If there’s one type of hosiery I have an undying love for, it’s knee socks. They look cute with Mary Janes, platforms and even Converse if you play it right. What could make them even better? Um, how about pair designed with PEPPERONI PIZZA ALL OVER THEM.

The pizza-themed knee socks will make anyone smile, or just HONGRY. As for styling them, they’d look amazing with some sort of minimalist outfit, like a black pleated skirt and crop top. The socks would have to definitely be the shining star.

You can also wear them on the down low, like underneath a pair of jeans. Then when you go over your friend or boo’s place to watch a movie and kick off your shoes, they’ll be like, “Excuse me, are those PIZZA SOCKS you’re wearing?” and you’ll purse your lips, nod and motion for them to open up the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. After all, what really goes better with a pair of pizza knee socks than actual pizza?