Marie Lodi
September 01, 2015 12:34 pm

Picture this: you’ve recently acquired the denim jacket of your dreams. It’s in the exact jean wash you’ve hoped for, fits you perfectly and goes with all of your clothes. The only thing wrong? You accidentally dropped a slice of deliciously cheesy pizza on it the first time you wore it and the pie stain will NOT budge! Your stylishly new addition to your wardrobe has now been marked…by the pizza demon. SCREAMS!

Before you shed any tears, listen up. I have the solution to your denim dilemma. Cover up that spot with an actual pizza patch! It makes sense, doesn’t it? What better way to “erase” any signs of your grubbing mishap than with something that looks exactly like the perpetrator in question? Only problem is, what pizza patch shall you choose? If you do a search on Etsy, a million options come up. This one however, is extra special. Why? Because it is reminiscent of a girl scout patch! Go for it, you’ve totally earned your pizza-loving badge AND your jacket is going to look awesome!

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(Product shots via Etsy.)