phoebe robinson apartment
Credit: Phoebe Robinson / Apartment Therapy /

If you don’t know Phoebe Robinson, get to know her: She’s a comedian, writer, actor, and host of the wildly successful podcast 2 Dope Queens. If you don’t know about her perfectly decorated Brooklyn apartment, keep scrolling. Robinson’s new Park Slope pad was featured on Apartment Therapy, and our Pinterest fingers are on fire. Karen Asprea designed the place, and it’s a cross between a mid-century modern hotel, The Wing, and a Pinterest board called “designing with hints of millennial pink.”

Robinson fell in love with the apartment two months ago when she saw its giant windows. “I love natch light and every room was just like glowing and I was like okay, okay, I can see living here,” she said.

She also joked that when designing the place, she had to reel in her HGTV fantasies and let Asprea do what she does best.

Also, as every cohabitating couple knows, merging your unique design tastes can be difficult, and Robinson’s boyfriend didn’t exactly share her flair for color.

Robinson referred to the entire apartment’s style as “Solange on a budget,” and wow, what a vision board.

To see more photos from her unreal apartment, head over to Apartment Therapy.