Anna Gragert
July 13, 2016 4:14 pm
Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

We’re no stranger to strange beauty trends. We’ve seen people rubbing onions on their brows to make them grow and painting their nails with 116 coats of polish, but we’re currently taking a look at something just as interesting: a laxative that’s being used as a face primer.

According to Marie Claire, Milk of Magnesia has been used as a primer by many for some time now, but it’s now becoming all the more popular. Even celebrity makeup artists – such as Hrush Achemyan (who works with Kylie Jenner) – have been using the product on their clients. “If you use Milk of Magnesia before applying anything to your face, it creates something like a plastic layer so the foundation never sinks into the skin. It basically coats the face,” Hrush told Elle. “It makes sure your foundation stays on no matter what lighting you’re under.

Since Milk of Magnesia isn’t Pepto-Bismol pink (it’s actually white!), the liquid doesn’t stand out on the face. However, it can be chalky, which is why it’s crucial that you only put on a thin layer when applying the unconventional primer. While doing so, one should also make sure to concentrate the Milk of Magnesia on the areas of the skin that tend to get oily, making sure to rub the product in until it can no longer be seen. This is especially important because the laxative helps to control excess oil while tightening pores.

What’s perhaps the best part is that this product costs less than $10. At Walgreens, Phillips Milk of Magnesia sells for only $6.29. Plus, this item can also double as a face mask or spot treatment, since it has magical, oil-controlling properties.

Here’s something we never thought we’d say: We can’t wait to try putting laxative on our faces!