Paris Jackson is covering her body in awesome ink. Most of her tattoos have a significant meaning in her life and a lot of them are dedicated to her father. But her latest tat, on her hand, is simple and impactful and is totally…


That new “Bad” ink is in honor of Michael Jackson’s Bad album, aka one of his bests.

Credit: Epic Records

She actually filled her entire hand with homages to some music legends.

That lightening bolt on her pinkie is for Bowie. The Van Halen symbol is on her index finger. And Prince’s iconic symbol is on her thumb.

This actually isn’t Paris’ first tat in honor of her father.

She has the Dangerous album artwork on her forearm.

She has “Queen of my heart” written in her dad’s handwriting on her wrist.

Paris’ entire body is becoming a shrine to great music and we love it!