Paris Jackson, who you may know best as Michael Jackson’s daughter, recently took to Instagram to post some pics of her hair and style —and she’s definitely caught our attention. The now 17-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop has been finding her own sense of style and posting her fashion journey on Instagram. We love it —and so do her followers (she has 127,000, NBD!).

The young Miss Jackson favors a ’90s influenced style, putting together a mix of grunge elements, So Cal punk style and just a little hippie chick.

One of our favorite looks, below, is so Patti Smith. Into it!

She’s also posted some cute pics of herself and her father (including some of MJ impersonators in L.A.), several snaps with fans and a multitude of pics with her boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, who seems awesome.

We’re thrilled to see Paris looking so happy. We can’t imagine how hard the last six years have been after her father’s (very exposed) death, and she and her boyfriend seem to be in a great place together.

And it looks like Paris is having a great time expressing her individuality and style on Instagram —we wouldn’t be surprised if bright, vibrant red hair is THE look of the season. You’ll be seeing more of Paris —she’s be in the 2017 movie Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, which is a fantasy about an evil spell, a teenage boy, and a jellyfish queen (sounds crazy weird and awesome, TBH).

Paris, we’re down to hang out anytime, girl! We can hit the Santa Monica Pier, grab a funnel cake and ride the Ferris Wheel. We swear it will be highly Insta-worthy!

(Images via Instagram)