The Oscars are unpredictable but if there’s one thing we can rely on every year, it’s that someone will rock a dress that goes down in glorious fashion history. When an Oscar dress becomes iconic (usually in about 24 hours), the knock-offs follow. Usually those dresses are more affordable, and slightly less the dramatic. Sometimes they’re made out of cookies. (Cue record scratch.)

In honor of the upcoming 87th Academy Awards, the International Culinary Center reimagined some of our favorite Oscar dresses as cookie couture. The “Best Batch of Red Carpet Fashion” includes mini, pastry versions of Julia Roberts’ black and white Valentino gown, Halle Berry’s gorgeous Eli Saab dress and Angelina Jolie’s memorable leggy frock, slit and all. Ultimately, the outcome of turning a dress and its famous model into a cookie is kind of weird, but we can’t seem to look away.

And, these delectable designs take as much creativity and skill as a designer drape.

“Made of sugar paste and sweet cookie dough, each model took eight hours to construct—less time than most actresses take to get ready for an awards show,” states the ICC on their website. (Hey, it’s the Oscars, give ’em a break!)

For a video of the edible dresses walking (Yes, walking!) the red carpet, check out the video below!