one-piece swimsuit tan lines
Credit: Shutterstock

This summer is going to be the best one yet, and it’s, like, 70% thanks to all the amazing options we have for one-piece swimsuits. Not only are these bathing suits cute in the water, they’re even better for tanning out on the sand. Why? Because they have cut-outs that guarantee some pretty funky tan lines.

While tan lines have always been something you either love or hate, we’re sure your reaction is going to be 100% “yaaaaas” to all the shapes from this season’s out-of-the-box suits. Here are 11 of our favorites:

H&M Push-Up Swimsuit, $34.99


We love how this swimsuit — which is the color of peach sortbet —has the best parts of both a one-piece and a bikini.

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Victoria’s Secret Surf Wrap One-Piece, $66


We can’t even figure out exactly how this swimsuit works, but that makes the tan lines even more impressive.

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Victoria’s Secret High-Neck Strappy One-Piece, $66


Such a simple twist on the classic swimsuit leads to a seriously funky tan.

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Topshop Lattice High Neck Swimsuit, $58


The best part about this tan line? You won’t need to wear a necklace all summer.

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Topshop Stripe Mesh Cut-Out Swimsuit, $60


We’re pretty sure we’re going to get tangled up in this bathing suit before we even get close to a beach and yet . . . we need it.

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Modcloth Aqua Situation One-Piece Swimsuit in Tie-Dye, $62.99


If you’re not turning heads with this amazing tie-dye, then your awesome tan lines surely will.

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Modcloth When and Flair? One-Piece Swimsuit, $76.99


This tan line is so neat that we might just get it permanently tattooed on.

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Urban Outfitters Somedays Lovin Coco Lace One-Piece Swimsuit, $119


Okay, this lacy-looking bathing suit might just take the cake, creating tan lines that are intricate but subtle.

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Urban Outfitters Out From Under Skinny Racerback One-Piece Swimsuit, $68


Business in the front, party on the sides.

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Forever 21 Mesh One-Shoulder One-Piece, $24.90

We’re suuuuper interested in seeing what a mesh-tan looks like.

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Forever 21 Macrame-Back Monokini, $27.90

Actually, this netted suit is the best. Ugh, can we just buy them all?

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