In this episode, we prepare what may be the most important area in the whole house: the bar. OK, just kidding. But it is a really important area. We decided to spruce up our dining room’s built-in cabinet by adding a little gold leaf to the back of it, put all our liquor in decanters, and we bring our temporary dining room table in for some cards! Stay tuned for the finishing touches.

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Picking out the wallpaper for our ceiling. We think we’re going to go with this one, so when we look up it will look like the surface of the moon.

Prep It:

  • drop cloth
  • masking tape
  • paint on gold leaf
  • paint brush

Do It!:

  • Tape off the edges of the area you are going to paint.
  • Paint on the gold leaf.
  • Let dry and repeat with another coat if needed. It’s stinky stuff so open a window for ventilation!