OMG it’s episode 4! In Episode 3, we moved in to our freshly painted, new (old) house. We heard from many of you that you want to see us begin decorating. Since I had already planned the design in Episode 2 but we don’t have a ton of furniture yet, the mantle was the perfect place to start implementing some elements of the design.

Watch the episode above to see the DIY project I came up with for the alcove, or altar inset above the mantle and let us know what you think of the final look!

DIY Project: “The Light Of Our Love “ – I created this DIY project around the idea of the rope lights illuminating a photo of Joey and I and contained in a vintage-inspired bell (or cloche) jar. It fits perfectly in the little alcove/altar on our mantle.

Prep It:

  • Thinly cut pieces of wood to stack under your bell jar – these are also to hide the light cord
  • Warm white LED rope lights – LED is best so it doesn’t get too hot (we used 2 strands, but could be different depending on the size of your bell jar)
  • A framed picture
  • A glass bell jar (sometimes called a glass cloche)