So excited to share with you the reveal of our finished dining room! As you probably remember, in Episode 10: Junkyard Junkies, we visited a salvage yard to find some decorative items for our space… and I think they look great…although I need to add “and Kate’s” to that Jo’s Place sign! Our ceiling is a true work of art with wallpaper from Calico. The design is their Lunaris II and it’s inspired by NASA photography of moonscapes and uninabited space… so perfect for a ceiling! I’m just obsessed with the mix of metallic silver and matte greys, it’s my favorite part of the room. We also got a rug, a table and chairs, and created some decorative moments throughout the space!

Let us know what do you think in a comment below!

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DIY Glitter Gumballs –I love these glittery ping pong balls to put inside a vintage gumball machine. I plan to hand them to friends as parting gifts….who doesn’t like sparkly balls?!

Prep It:

  • gum-ball machine
  • ping pong balls
  • glitter (I used two different silver glitters)
  • a paper plate
  • spray adhesive

Do It!:

  1. Sprinkle glitter on your paper plate.
  2. Spray your ping pong balls (it works best doing 3 at a time) with spray adhesive so they are completely covered- do this over a trash bag or scrap paper.
  3. Roll your balls around on your glitter plate until they are completely covered.
  4. Let dry and carefully place your sparkly gum balls in your gum ball machine!