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Updated Jul 25, 2016 @ 5:07 pm
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You know that feeling you get when you’re vintage shopping and you find the perfect item of clothing? All at once, it feels as though everything is falling into place as you acquire the one item your closet has always needed. Olivia Wilde knows exactly what we’re talking about – especially since she found a vintage maternity dress that’s turned her into a Disney princess.

Does she not look like Princess Belle?

What to do when you look like Homer Simpson ate Little Miss Sunshine? Chill the f out. They’re both heroes,wrote Olivia. “But also, go to the @bkflea and score a dress from 1974, when apparently someone stretched out the middle part juuuuust the way you need it. #oldisthenewnew #vintage.

Not only is the color of Olivia’s dress giving off major Belle vibes, but so is the scalloped design at her waist and the shape of her sleeves. (Oh – and there’s also Wilde’s princess-like hair!)

A necessary side-by-side:

Credit: Olivia Wilde / - Walt Disney Pictures

Plus, we couldn’t help but notice that both women are holding something super important to them in their hands. There’s Olivia and her phone (which allowed her to post the above photo in the first place) and then there’s Belle, who’s posing with Beauty and the Beast’s iconic rose.

Now here’s hoping that Olivia continues to look to Disney princesses for maternity fashion inspiration.