old navy artist shirt

Look, even those of us who are in creative fields joke about the whole “starving artist” stereotype. Yet, plenty of people make their livings in creative fields; the word “artist” doesn’t just mean a painter in her barn eking out a bare living anymore, and instead encompasses fields as commercial as, say, clothing design. Which is why we’re disappointed in some of Old Navy’s kid’s shirts, which suggest that being a “Young, Aspiring Artist” is more of a punchline than a viable reality.

As first picked up by astute Twitter observers, Old Navy was selling a set of kid’s designs that featured the bold text “Young Aspiring Artist,” with “Artist” then slashed out and replaced with, presumably, a more prestigious career like “President” or “Astronaut.” While obviously those are totally aspirational goals, there’s, uh, nothing wrong with wanting to be an artist, especially when you’re a kid who also concurrently wants to be a singer, a movie star, a mad scientist, and a cowboy. But, we “get it”: This isn’t quite as cheeky as putting down a vast myriad of professions. For a kid’s shirt.

The lone remaining shirt visible on the Old Navy site, which swaps Artist for Astronaut, links out to a page that doesn’t include its own design. While we’re mostly just face-palming over this whole ordeal . . . didn’t an artist have to design that shirt? Just saying.

Image via Old Navy and David Gallaher/Twitter.