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Credit: Asos / Free People / American Eagle
Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.11.56 PM
Credit: Asos / Free People / American Eagle

When it comes to bras, we tend to err on the side of comfortable. Yet, there are those times when we want to spice things up a bit, to find the bra that’s perfect for our personalities. With this idea in mind, we reached out to the lovely astrologer Jessica Adams and asked this question: What would the zodiac-loving stars say when it comes to our lingerie? The astrological answer…


Credit: Econica / Etsy

As a humanitarian at heart, you’re not likely to buy, well… anything from a large corporation that already has mountains of money in the bank. Instead, because you love to help others, you’re probably going to look for a small business that ethically keeps itself in the running – even when it comes to your lingerie. That’s why we think an organic, Etsy-based bra would be perfect for you. What’s even better is the fact that this bra is described as being “very soft, warm and luxurious,” meaning that you can easily feel comfortable in your own unique skin.


Credit: Free People

Your artistic, imaginative soul is constantly blossoming and that’s exactly why any old bra won’t do for you. As a substitute for such a thing, you’re going to need something unique that also appeals to your romantic side. Something lacy and fantastical. Something like this red number. Not only does this deep red look like something out of a daydream, it also has a surprise design on the back (which is sure to make your inner artist come out). Yeah, this is one piece of lingerie you’re sure to lust after.


Credit: Target

Your confidence is almost as strong as your impatience, which is why we imagine you like lingerie that makes you feel comfortable – but isn’t too fussy. Rather than dealing with lace and embellishments, you prefer something reliable and supportive, yet easy-going. That’s exactly why we think this bralette is perfect for you. Not only is it easy to attain and affordable, it also looks sexy while being completely comfortable. Perfect for someone who has a lot on their plate, but still wants to feel good while on-the-go.


Credit: American Eagle

You’re the type of person who wants to get a bang for your buck. When it comes to anything materialistic, your practical side always comes out, reminding you that you get what you pay for. In other words: You’re only going to spend your hard-earned cash if it’s in the name of something high-quality and useful. With this in mind, we have a feeling that a sturdy, yet still cute, sports bra would be ideal for you. (And you can even wear it to keep everything under control when you’re in the midst of working out or working hard.)


Credit: Asos

Having an easily bored personality isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially because it allows you to spice things up and keep your life exciting. Now, when it comes to lingerie, you’re likely to gravitate toward something fun that you’ll never get tired of. After all, while you are adaptable, that doesn’t mean you don’t want some consistency and stability in your life. And one piece you’re sure to want to keep forever and ever? It’s this one. Just look at how versatile it is, perfectly blending in with your sometimes serious, sometimes fun disposition.


Credit: Nordstrom

When it comes to the essence of who you are, your emotions tend to reign supreme. This essentially means that your intuition and sensitivity always comes into play, making you feel a certain passion about each and every thing that crosses your path. In terms of lingerie – which is especially significant to your sign, since it rules the breasts, according to Adams – this brings to mind something lacy and delicate. Something that will make you feel beautiful even when your mood takes a turn for the worse. Something that will be there to (literally) support you even when your suspicions and insecurities get the best of you. The perfect fit: this lacy bralette.


Credit: Asos

You are not afraid to be in the spotlight, no matter what the circumstances or where you are. And when it comes to adventuring through the lingerie department? You’re likely to gravitate toward any and every item that looks like it belongs on the red carpet. With that type of outlook on life, we think something a bit daring and different would be fun for you. I mean, when push comes to shove, you’re going to rock it no matter what, right? Yup – even this beauty, which looks like the definition of *~romance.~*


Credit: Nordstrom

As one of the most hardworking, analytical people out there, we bet you’re going to do your research before you head out to buy a bra. You don’t want something fussy that’s going to irritate and distract you, but you also want the bra to be supportive as it serves its purpose. Oh – and it better not stand out underneath your clothes. You are a professional person who tends to be critical of yourself, so you don’t want to have anything extra to worry about. Now, we have a feeling this supportive, lined, and smooth-shaped bra will do the trick.


Credit: American Eagle

Any time you let something into your life, you want it to be both balanced and beautiful. You want it to have a certain something, but won’t settle for anything daring that doesn’t have a little uniqueness going on. To quench such a desire, we think that a lightly-lined bra in a rich color like dusty sage would be ideal for your curated collection of lingerie. Yes, it may seem quite simple in shape, but it’s that color that takes such a piece to the next level while appealing to your love for all things unique in this world.


Credit: Lane Bryant

If we were to describe your personality with one color, we’d pick black. Not because you have a dark soul or anything like that, but because you have a certain intensity about you. This type of intensity often comes from your passion and your desire to be in control. Now, when it comes to the world of lingerie, we sought out something just as fiery as you are and came up with this sexy, strappy number. If you have this bra by your side, there’s no way you won’t feel in control and ready to take over the world with your inner power.


Credit: Gandourahskin

You seriously don’t have time to worry about anyone or anything getting in your way – let alone a bra. When you’re on the lookout for lingerie, comfort is key because you’re often on the run. This is especially the case since you crave freedom and never want your bra to be the thing that holds you back and prevents you from taking on the world. That’s exactly why we can see you sporting a, well, sports bra that won’t poke and prod at you all day long. We’re thinking something soft, simple, and sporty for you.


Credit: Nordstrom

Your serious nature often prevents you from straying toward the frivolous, which is exactly why many see you as one of the most responsible, practical people they know. As for lingerie shopping, this experience is not exempt from your self-controlling nature. You’re going to seek out a bra that does its job and does it right (while not being too expensive, of course). At the same time, we also want you to have a bit of fun with something cute (because you deserve to treat yo’ self every now and again), which is why we can already see this seamless underwire number in your collection.

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.