Anna Gragert
July 08, 2016 2:09 pm

Supporting small businesses and up-and-coming creators isn’t always easy. After all, there hasn’t been one place where we can find (and afford) such things — until now. Thanks to shopping marketplace Tictail, budding designers can create their own online shops, so they can sell their goods to those who want to support their talent and purchase their works of art.

If you live in NYC, you can also visit Tictail’s permanent, Lower East Side store, which constantly curates different, super cool brands that utilize their online marketplace. What’s perhaps the best part is that, out of the 2,500,000 products on their site, there are a ton of affordable pieces to be found. We’d love to show you some of our faves.

Nelly Tee by Arethé Stockholm

Tictail /

Buy here for $52

Rainbow Segment Fruit Acrylic Brooch by Liana Marcel

Tictail /

Buy here for $4.84

Cut-out Dress by Back

Tictail /

Buy here for $87

Blue Moon Earrings by La Géométrie

Tictail /

Buy here for $24

Houndstooth Skirt by Evol

Tictail /

Buy here for $18

1-800-SLAY Dadcap by Theartgoon

Tictail /

Buy here for $25

Scarf Slide-Neckerchief by La Géométrie

Tictail /

Buy here for $38

Môss Dress by Ushyté

Tictail / tictail.comôss-dress

Buy here for $33

Teal Stripe Plant Pot by This Way To The Circus

Tictail /

Buy here for $21

Wacky Mug by Btw Ceramics

Tictail /

Buy here for $48

Urban Delights 1 by Eugenia Loli Collage

Tictail /

Buy here for $30