Eliza Gold
Updated Sep 18, 2016 @ 10:13 am
Credit: Kristala/Shutterstock

There’s a new name making waves in the makeup world and it’s Roy G Biv, have you heard?

Okay, maybe there’s nothing new to the presence of a rainbow, but the internet is abuzz with a fresh trend of rainbow eyelashes.

There are a few ways to achieve this gorgeous but SUPER intense look. For a temporary trial of rainbow eyelashes, there’s colored mascara. Some beauty risk-takers are going rogue and DIY-ing rainbow-colored mascara by dipping a wand into multi-hued liquid eyeshadows.

The longer-lasting way to attain rainbow eyelashes is to get extensions. Eyelash extensions are of course a commitment, so it’s probably best to test-run the DIY mascara before a makeup artist applies yellow and purple and some other colored eyelashes to your top eyelid.

Another method to achieve the look is by applying a combination of multi-hued eyeliner, shadows and mascara.

What do you think? Are rainbow eyelashes worth the effort? Will they match your rainbow hair, cheeks, and beverages?