Alexandra Villarreal
Updated Feb 17, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

My friends make fun of me basically full-time for the fantastic array of pillows I have on my dorm room bed, but what can I say? Pillows are THE BEST. Not only are they absolutely adorable (room accents, people) but they must cuddle with you as much as you want them to which let’s be honest, is really nice and makes your bed into the coziest nook of happiness. Shake those throw pillow haters off.

While I will never kick any cute pillow out of bed, needlepoint pillows set the awesomeness bar on a totally new level of pillow power. Why? Because they can make a statement — literally. Plus, in this glorious DIY age, sewing is an actually totally BA hobby. With all those aforementioned thoughts swirling through my mind, I did what any respectable 21st century pillow-loving woman would do: I googled amazing needlepoint pillows until the cows came home. And glory be, did I find some winners. So check out these ideas to inspire your next needlepoint project. They are the ultimate.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Drake is the man. It is also a truth universally acknowledged that when Taylor Swift makes Ed Sheeran a needlepoint of Drake lyrics it’s going to be basically the pinnacle of needlepointing glory. Guys, that’s what’s happening here.

Let’s just not talk about last Friday night, deal? Also, Kanye lyrics on a needlepoint are important.

Tina Belcher! I feel ya, girl.

That’s right, I may seem like sunshine and daisies on the outside, but you know I’ve got mad swag. So does this important Rick Ross needlepoint.

I saw an article about 61 annoying things that are still better than wearing pants. It was on point (needle. point.). Also a little friendly inspo that if you’re not feeling the pillows you can always frame your needlepointing work.

Just a little something we need on every couch in our home (i.e. that one couch).

Remember, let needlepoint be your spirit guide.

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