It seems like every day now has a reason to celebrate, which is awesome! With so many special holidays like National Coffee Day, National Frozen Food Day and even National Bologna Day (EEEK!) in existence, there’s got to be an easy way for us to keep track of them all. Well, besides logging them in our Google calendars like freaks (though I suppose that’s not much different from my countdown app to Fast and the Furious 7, ahem). Luckily, Emily McDowell has us covered with these adorable dish towels featuring all of the important days of our lives: the Snack Holidays Dish Towel, Dessert Holidays Dish Towel, and the Cocktail Holidays Dish Towel!

If you’re like, “Please, I’m already set with my food holiday Google calendar alerts, OK?” maybe you’d rather be reminded of your life’s mistakes. In that case, her “Regrettable Kitchen Purchases Towel” is more up your alley. Or if you forgot your phone in the bedroom and need a recipe for a green smoothie STAT, this particular one should do, especially since it includes the most important ingredient: cash for the taco truck. These towels are perfect for drying the dishes, hanging on your oven handle, or they’re even cute enough to pin on your wall.