Caitlin Gallagher
March 28, 2018 1:07 pm
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There’s so much stress when you are moving that sometimes you might actually block out the very simple fact that you’re going to have to pack up everything you own and relocate it. Whether you’re moving cross-country or just across town, every mug, every pillow, every book, and every cord has to come with you. Because of the overwhelming nature of the task, packing hacks for moving are essential, and Simply Self Storage came up with some pretty nifty ideas. So before you relocate your life, you might want to take note of some of these moving hacks.

Prior to packing, the first thing you’ll need to do is plan. Of course, planning is easier once you already have your new place picked out and the paperwork is signed — that way you have a timeframe for when you’re moving and know the amount of space that you’re moving into. But even before then, you can take care of donating clothes you know you don’t want anymore and organizing clutter, since that will help dramatically once you do start to pack.

When the packing begins, make sure you have the materials you’ll need — boxes, plastic containers, bubble wrap, tape, dolly, truck. Once you’re all set up, Maria McNamara of the blog “The Style Letters” told HelloGiggles in 2014 that she prefers to pack by room — and Simply Self Storage broke down most of its advice by room too. Since that will make unpacking so much easier, it’s definitely the route to go. From there, here are some of the many moving hacks courtesy of Simply Self Storage, ones you may have never thought of before, to help get your packing creative juices flowing — and to remind you that you’ve got this.


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When you’re packing up your kitchen, place items like spices in pots to save space. Simply Self Storage also recommends putting glasses in socks (you know, clean ones) to protect and pad them. Other tips include putting your toaster in a plastic bag so you don’t get crumbs everywhere and keeping your cleaning supplies, including hand soap, in a separate box so that if they spill, they don’t ruin other items.

Living room

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When you’re doing your living room, you’ll come across pesky breakable items like frames and mirrors. You can buy pipe insulation (which is very inexpensive) and cut it up to protect the edges of items like that. Simply Self Storage suggests taping an X in masking tape on mirrors to stop them from breaking. And if you have unframed, small pieces of art, put them in a priority mail envelope with padding to keep them from bending during transport.


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Besides putting a trash bag over your hanging clothes to keep them closet-ready, you can use your shoes as mini-storage vessels. If you have small bedroom items, place them in your shoes to save space. (Just make sure that if anything broke or spilled, it wouldn’t be a problem.) And you don’t necessarily have to unpack your drawers. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up and then cover the individual drawer with plastic wrap so nothing will fall out. Simply Self Storage also has the nifty idea to put your loose jewelry into an empty egg carton to keep it organized and safe.


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You don’t want to bury your bathroom necessities since you’ll want to have things like toilet paper available when you move. Plus, you’re going to have earned a shower, so you’ll want your shampoo and body wash accessible. Try to pack those items in clear bins, so you can see them easily. And if you’re worried about spillage, take the tops off the containers and place plastic wrap over the hole and re-seal so you won’t have that problem. If you have makeup compacts with glass or a mirror, you can pad them with cotton balls.


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OK, maybe you don’t have a full-on library. (What are you, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast?) But if you have lots of books, it’s better to put those heavy reading materials in a rolling suitcase. That way, no one has the burden of lifting heavy boxes full of books.


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You’ll have cords in all sorts of rooms, so one way to keep them organized is to put them in toilet paper rolls and label their use accordingly. If you have a printer, Simply Self Storage says to take out the ink cartridge ahead of time so it doesn’t accidentally explode. And keep any essential and important documents, like passports and birth certificates, in a safe spot so they don’t get lost in the move.

A bonus tip for any room of the house: When you pack up a box, take a photo of the contents before sealing it and either tape that photo to the outside of the box or log it on your phone or computer, so you’ll really know where everything is.

The act of moving will always be a rather intimidating life moment, but these small adjustments could end up being real time-savers. So happy moving…and happy packing!